PTE Speaking

PTE Speaking

Official Guideline

Personal Introduction

Read Aloud

  • Rising and Falling Intonation Patterns
    The development of easy-to-use statistical software has changed the way statistics is being taught and learned . Students can make transformations of variables, create graphs of distributions of variables, and select among statistical analyses all at the click of a button. However, even with these advancements, students sometimes find statistics to be an arduous task.

Repeat Sentence

  • separated phrases/message
  • stress and intonation

Describe Image 40s

  • General Content
  • Main Points
  • Other details and conclusion/implications

Re-tell Lecture 40s

  • Predict vocabulary with the image provided in 3s
  • include all the main points
  • ignore mistakes and keep talking

Answer Short Question

  • Reply immediately
  • Answer with one or a few words