SMS API in China with Tencent Cloud

sending SMS to numbers from Mainland China could be troublesome due to the restricted SMS policy, SMS service providers from outside the area mostly offer unstable SMS delivery. Why not try a local provider?

SMS API in China with Tencent Cloud
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

Verify the Account

  • verify the Tencent cloud account to start with
  • the standard verification process, using a business license, its representative ID, etc.

Verify an SMS Signature

  • must be closely related to the business title.

Verify an SMS Template

  • using the standard template, just take a few minutes to process.

Try it out in API Explorer

  • Region: any option is fine
  • PhoneNumber: the number to receive the SMS
  • SmsSdkAppId: an app ID created in the SMS dashboard
  • SignName: the actual name of the Signature verified above, not the ID
  • TemplateId: the template ID verified
  • TemplateParam: the verification code, or any other parameter if needed

Generate Code and ready to GO

API Explorer provides a convenient code generator for agile deployment