PTE Listening

PTE Listening

Official Guideline

The audio begins to play automatically

Summarize Spoken Text 50-70words

  • main point and supporting points
  • grammar, spelling and punctuation

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

  • read the question
  • note main points
  • note supporting details (e.g., times, places, things that happened)
  • match the meaning, not the words

Fill in the Blanks

  • Proper nouns (that begin with a capital letter).
  • Nouns that are repeated
  • write down on the booklet first

Highlight Correct Summary

  • note down key ideas
  • do not read options before or while listening
  • match the option that is closest in detail to your notes

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

  • be aware of the focus of the question
  • main idea? supporting details? an inference? purpose?

Select missing word

Highlight Incorrect Words

  • skim the transcription for key words
  • nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • do not take notes
  • click on words that sound different

Write From Dictation

  • type as many correct words as you can remember