PTE Reading

PTE Reading

Official Guideline

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

  • focus on key words in the prompt

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

  • more than one option is correct
  • note any words that are repeated (particularly adjectives)
  • scan the text for the repeated words

Re-order Paragraphs

  • understand main idea of each one (noting key words)
  • use key words to form an overall idea
  • find topic sentence, a clear statement
    • not begin with a linker or a pronoun
    • does not refer back to information or actions previously mentioned (passive verb tense)

Fill in The Blanks (drag words)

  • collocation
  • decide the missing word grammatically (infinitive verb)
  • choose from words with the correct part of speech

Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks (drop-down list)

  • skim the passage for key ideas
  • find related options
  • check grammar and meaning